Arabian wall tiles ref. 560V Height 47.24 In.


Arabian wall tiles ref. 560V Height 47.24 In. Width 11.02 In.

69,54 €

Arabian hand painted wall tiles made using "cuerda seca" technique. Group with a total height of 47.24 In. (120 cm.)

This group of wall tiles is 0.28 lineal meters long.

In order to tile for instance 7 lineal meters of wall, you will need 25 units of this group (7÷0.28=25)

In case that the result of the last calculation is a float number (for instance 4 ÷ 0.28 = 14,28) you should order, at least, 15 groups (in case of this example). If you want to have some remaining tiles for future use or replacement, add as many groups as you want or just add single parts (tiles) of the ones that make up the group. Theese parts are shown below.

If you have any doubdt don't hesitate to get in contact with us and we will guide you.


Height47.24 in (120 cm.)
Width11.02 in (28 cm.)
Depth0.31 in (0,8 cm.)
Weight10.49 lb (4760 grs.)

Pack content

1 x

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